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Biking and My NeverLost

15 April 2003

Went biking off in the Atlantan wilds today - Rented a MB from CycleWorks and headed down the PowerLine trail off of Old Alabama Road.

It had been rainy a few days back but today was sunny and cool - Ideal biking conditions! The track was wooded with some streams to ford, narrow bridges to cross and some steep hills. Obviously a popular route as I met plenty of other bikers but at the same time it wasn't overcrowded. Asked one guy, with a whizzy computer-bike if he had the time (Had to be back at the bike shop by 5). Took him nearly 10 minutes to look it up but in the mean time he could tell me my altitude and the weather. I did learn 2 things. Some places are so muddy it doesnt matter how low a gear yopu are in. When you stop moving forward and the back wheel is just spinning - That's a sign of impending muddy doom. Likewise, even though it's possible to ride the deepest puddles, doesn't mean your feet aren't gonna get drenched!

Getting round Atlanta would have been impossible without my NeverLost - An in car GPS system. You program your destination and the dashboard unit displays a map and arrows showing you which direction to take. A calm woman's voice tells you when you are approaching a turn, "Turn left in 2 miles." She's so calm - And also very polite. She never cusses me for missing an exit. The device is amazingly accurate and seems to know all the twists and turns. Very occasionally it does seem to get confused - It has a tendancy to want to mark you as being on a road it knows about, even if you have turned down a side street not in its database. The unit is powered by a small GPS aerial on the trunk and a large hard-disk with the maps in the trunk.
I wonder how this device will evolve? I can see one day trying to turn the wrong way down a oneway street and she will say, "Sorry Dave, I can't let you do that!"
Trail Entrance
Trail Entrance
The Stream
The Stream
The Woods
The Woods
The NeverLost
The NeverLost


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