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Cool 'Where's Dave' Added to Site

24 April 2003

Added a cool little feature over on the right sidebar - Tells you if I am currently at my computer or how long it has been since I have logged on if I'm not.

*Update* MSN's recent (September) update has killed this client :( Will have to look at getting it working again sometime.

It uses a java MSN client with a user which has only my everyday MSN id as a contact. It notes all my status changes and writes the current MSN status code to a file. The short java client code looks like this:
/* call this (with jmml.jar in your CLASSPATH) as follows: java SimpleMSNResponder mypassword */
class WhereDave {
public static void main (final String[] args) {
final MessengerServerManager msn = MessengerServerManager.getInstance();
msn.addMessengerClientListener (new MessengerClientAdapter() {
public void contactPropertyChanged (ContactChangeEvent e) {
try { File outFile = new File("WhereDJG.txt");
int c;
FileWriter out = new FileWriter(outFile);
out.close(); }
catch ( IOException IOE) { /* stuff */ } } });
/* msn.signIn (userName, password */ msn.signIn (args[0], args[1]);

I used the Linux program 'screen' to enable the java app to run in the backbround (eg/ without a console open) Then the Greymatter blog software that powers this site uses PHP to read in the file and output a message depending on the MSN status - Easy!

To get the status into GreyMatter, I made the GreyMatter index file an interpreted php file by renaming it index.php. Then I used a custom tag shown below to print the status:

$filename = '/home/djg/jmsn/WhereDJG.txt';
$status = file($filename); if ($status[0] == "FLN") { $p = "Last online ";
$p = $"H:i, d M", filemtime($filename));
} elseif ($status[0] == "NLN") { $p = "online"; } elseif ($status[0] == "LUN") { $p = "at lunch"; } elseif ($status[0] == "AWY") { $p = "away from his desk"; } elseif ($status[0] == "BSY") { $p = "busy"; } print("$p");


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