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Cool Places in QNS

21 January 2004

I live in Queens (Up and coming Rego Park, near Forest Hills) but I spend my evenings and week-ends in Manhattan. But Queens is Huge - There must be fun stuff to do here, no? Bars, Bands, Clubs...I'm sure they're here somewhere...

In Forest Hills (71st St E subway) there is Austin St. It's ok, a few bars, a passable louisiana restaurant, Starbucks and Barnes and Nobles combo.

Everyone mentions Astoria as a cool place but I havent tried it out yet. (Amanda says - Cool bar called Cafe Bar on 34th Street. It has retro decor and a relaxed, Village-like feel to it. ) And Donna has a few suggestions that sound worth checking out -

McCann's near the Ditmars stop gets pretty packed.
Tupelo + Cafe Bar at 36th St and 34th Ave for a more hip scene. Beer Garden during the summer is amazing. Krash at Steinway and 34th Ave (?) is supposed to be a fun gay club.

Add on your own experiences below!

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Oh, yeah, I forgot about the Bohemian Beer Hall in Astoria. That's a great place to go in the summer. They have a huge outdoor space with about a hundred picnic tables and the beer flows like water. Also, Saints N Sinners (an Irish pub) in Woodside has a nice side room with velvet sofas and a fireplace--very welcoming during this freezing weather!

Amanda said @ 01/24/2004 11:07 AM EST


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