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Subway Turnstyle Jumping Not Forbidden...Yet

10 June 2004

So to get on the subway in NYC you have to swipe your card though these very jumpable turnstyle gates. And I dont have any problem with that (except for the fact that every journey you take is tracked). What's a regular PitA though is that your 'Unlimited' metrocards can only be used once every 20mins. Until now people getting the 'Just Used' message when they swiped could jump the turnstyle. Even when some undercover police are waiting on the other side (Mostly at the bigger stops, like Times Sq) stop you for fare dodging, you can easily protest. How can you be fare dodging if you have an unlimited metrocard in your possession?
Anyway, MTA want to update the rules to close this loophole. Fine I say, but lets have a solution for when your Metrocard fails!

Letter to MTA:

While I understand the desire to have a clear ban on turnstyle jumping, if this is enforced you need to correct the issues that can arise with the Metrocards. I find myself jumping gates or using the exit gate usually when my unlimited metrocard gives the 'Just Used' message. eg/ If you get on the wrong platform and then have to re-enter the correct one.

I should NOT have to wait 20mins before I can access the subway again. That is ridiculous. The booth attendants are generally very uncooperative and unhelpful when this happens. Matters are worse when the station is busy and there is a long line waiting for the booth attendant.

My solution would be to instruct booth attendants to allow 'just used' people to pass without hassle.

Additionally, please dont ban subway photography




2. Section 1050.4

A prohibition against “turnstile jumping”, entering through an exit gate, etc. would be added to Section 1050.4(a) which deals with payment of fare and access to NYCT facilities. Situations arise currently where passengers “jump” the turnstiles or enter through an exit gate when their time-based card is swiped improperly or malfunctions. They then seek to have a charge of fare evasion dismissed on the theory that since they had already prepaid for unlimited transportation for a specified period (e.g., 7 days), they therefore cannot be guilty of fare evasion. In other instances, some passengers “jump” the turnstile when their improperly swiped or malfunctioning pay-per-ride MetroCard does not grant access, only to discover, after the fact, that a fare had been deducted from their card. However, “turnstile jumping” and related conduct, whatever the stated rationale, create an environment of disorder, including the perception among other passengers that the fare was evaded.

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This happened to me when I was in New York and it sucks. Basically, I was trying to get uptown but I mistakenly took the downtown entrance (I don't remember which station). Anyway, after I realised my mistake I left the station and proceeded to find the uptown entrance. When I did, my card was refused. I asked the bum (he was totally unhelpful) who worked behind the ticket desk and all he said was "You have to wait 18 minutes before you can use your card again". And where does the 18 miuntes come from? Is this the average amount of time a fare evader waits before trying to evade fares? Seems a bit random. Anyway, I came this close to jumping the barrier, but seeing as I was a tourist I decided against it just in case jumping barriers was a deportable offense.

Simon Buckle said @ 06/21/2004 04:57 AM EST


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