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Notes from Travels in Egypt and Morocco

13 September 2008

These are passed due! Complete set of photos going up now. Click below for our itinerary.

Date City Visited Today Today's Hotel is in.. Activities
Friday June 27 NYC Sleep on plane Depart JFK to Cairo
Saturday June 28 Cairo Cairo Arrive Cairo 10:25AM, get to hotel, recover from jet lag, Cairo cuisine
Sunday June 29 Cairo Cairo Egyptian Museum, walking around at night
Monday June 30 Luxor Luxor Early morning flight to Luxor
Tuesday July 1 Luxor Luxor Valley of the Kings and other top tourist sites
Wednesday July 2 Luxor / Aswan Aswan Train from Luxor to Aswan, adventures finding a hotel
Thursday July 3 Aswan Aswan Day time tour with Jimmy the Taxi, evening flight from Aswan to Cairo
Friday July 4 Travel Riad Essadda, Marrekech Early morning flight from Cairo to Casablanca, train to Marrekech
Saturday July 5 Marrekech Riad Essadda, Marrekech Marrekech site seeing, Wedding in Marakkesh
Sunday July 6 Marrekech Riad Essadda, Marrekech Marrekech site seeing
Monday July 7 Travel from Marrekech towards Mezouga Hotel en route Morocco hills
Tuesday July 8 Morocco hills and the desert Merzouga Desert Camping in the desert
Wednesdsay July 9 Big day trip in a Grand Taxi Meknes Saw the Azrou Monkeys!
Thursday July 10 Meknes / Fez Fez Surviving the Fez hassle
Friday July 11 Fez Fez Surviving the Fez hassle
Saturday July 12 Casablanca Casablanca Buying presents in the Casablanca medina
Sunday July 13 Morning flight back NYC Fly back home


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