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Playing with Paint

09 November 2003

I had a sudden creative urge this weekend, sparked by a recent visit to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), and decided I would try to paint.

I was impressed by Jackson Pollock's One. Seeing it on a computer screen doesn't really do it justice. It's a BIG painting, some 8' by 17'. It fills your vision and you can become lost in its looping patterns.

Anyway, I thought I would copy something in his style, and claim it as my masterpiece! As Pollock has already shown, it's very hard to judge abstract art!

I did some brief research on how Pollock created his pictures. After all I know nothing about painting...What types of paints should I use, what sort of techniques should I try to copy, what medium do I pain, etc. I found an interview over at the website that was very helpful and some links to a gallery of his work

I bought myself a small selection of acrylic paints (Cheaper than oil, good life span and water soluble), some canvas board (Cheaper than real canvas, though in retrospect it would have been nice to do it on the real stuff. Still it would have been hard to carry back home...The dilemmas of an artist!) I also shopped around in some 99cent household goods stores and bought a toilet brush, strainer, twine and other knick-knacks. My goal was to paint the picture without touching the canvas at all. All paint was to be thrown, splattered, dripped and drizzled.

I laid the canvas out on the floor on some newspaper along with the paint and some yogurt pots and tools and put on some music. This is what I ended up with. It's not a great photo, it looks better in real life.

Dave's first picture

Replies: 4 Comments

Sweet. If you don't want to keep it, I know some people on ebay that'd pay a few hundered for that.

Aaron Krill said @ 11/30/2003 06:59 PM EST

i rather like it. what size is it?

emmm said @ 11/12/2003 05:34 PM EST

suggestion: Dave the Dripper.

Not bad work - though I always preferred finger painting though...

Naum said @ 11/09/2003 08:36 PM EST

we already have a dave goodwin the artist.....what will your name be?

Christine said @ 11/09/2003 05:15 PM EST


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